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I've avoided writing one of these for years. Guess the idea made me feel vulnerable.

Hi, there! My name's [common redneck moniker], but I go by Mint online. I'm thirty-onetwo-year-old mom-to-be who is also a big nerd. I'm married to a cool guy who listens to me, is an awesome conversationalist, and gives me gold in WoW. I currently toil in office administration to pay the bills, but I have a dusty old bachelor's in Anthropology that I'm finally working on putting to use in education and instructional design.AM BURIED IN BABY POOP, SEND HELP PLS.

I'm not a fan of oversimplification, but sadly, my interests do give a pretty good sense of who I am. I'll try to expand a bit. I'm sensitive and thoughtful, and I have big, lofty goals--and I spend most of my free time reading trashy sci-fi novels and watching bad zombie movies on Netflix. ;p

I'd describe myself as both a people person and very much not a people person. I'm a friendly, bubbly type who is also the introvertiest introvert who ever introverted. I've had to start providing confused new friends a disclaimer that, while I like them just fine, I live in a metaphorical cave from which I emerge maybe once a week. To gather fish heads and such. I'm slightly better with my online presence. Slightly. I'm generally good about leaving comments, though!

My entries focus mostly on aforementioned trashy sci-fi novels and zombie flicks. If this, for some reason, sounds interesting to you, feel free to add me. Provided you're not an obvious troll, I'll return the favor.

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